Alex Shakspeare

Alex is a PGR at the University of Essex, focusing on sustainable aquaculture. Having spent time employed in the environmental survey sector and in a range of marine and freshwater aquaculture settings he is now working in close collaboration with local oyster farmers and existing grants, such as the NOSy project. Using novel technologies he aims to increase our understanding of bivalve behaviours and develop tools to apply this in industry. Bivalve production is already one of the most sustainable forms of food production and Alex hopes to assist the industry and expand its ability to supply food to the growing population.

In addition to his core work, Alex is successfully collaborating with other groups, including AFBI, the Northern Irish Agri Food and Biosciences Institute, and colleagues at Burapha University in Thailand. Using the tools developed under the NOSy project and through his PhD research these collaborations aim to inform food safety and farm efficiency measures.