Charlotte Underwood

PhD student at the University of Southampton

Project title: The impacts of light pollution on aquatic invertebrates              

Supervisors: Dr. Herman Wijnen, Dr. Alex Ford (UPortsmouth), and Dr. Sam Robson (UPortsmouth)

UoS webpage:

Twitter: @ScarlettThunder


2014 – 2015 MSc Conservation and Biodiversity (with Distinction), University of Exeter

Research project: Effects of artificial light at night on the foraging behaviour of dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus) using mesocosm experiments and time-lapse photography at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Presented results at the Plymouth Marine Science and Education Foundation (PlyMSEF) 2016 conference. Supervisors: Dr. Ana Queirós (PML) and Dr. Thomas Davies (Exeter)

2008 – 2012 BSc Marine Biology (with Honours), Dalhousie University

Research project: A comparative analysis of food web structure in salt marshes via invertebrate gut content analysis. Involved taking sediment samples from salt marshes for preservation and observation. Supervisor: Dr. Tamara Romanuk


Underwood, C.N., Davies, T.W. and Queirós, A.M. (2017), Artificial light at night alters trophic interactions of intertidal invertebrates. J Anim Ecol, 86: 781-789.