Farid Jedari-Eyvazi

I am a postgraduate research student based at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton. My PhD research is part of NERC-funded CHIMNEY project investigating the risks of leaks from geological carbon dioxide (CO2) storage sites.

I have also 6 years of professional research experience in development and verification of cutting-edge technologies applied to geological characterisation and monitoring of underground CO2 storage sites, geothermal, and hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Research interests:

  • Wave-equation-based seismic imaging and inversion techniques
  • Time-lapse seismic monitoring technology
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence methods in geoscience


  • 2010, MSc degree, Petroleum Engineering, TU-Delft, Delft, Netherlands
  • 2003, BSc degree, Mining Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Career history:

  • 2017 – 2019, Geoscientist Consultant & Director, GESciTech LTD, London, UK
  • 2011 – 2017, Research Geoscientist, TNO, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 2008, Geophysicist, OEID, Tehran, Iran
  • 2006 – 2007, Field Manager and Geophysicist, DANA Energy, Abadan, Iran

Selected publications:

  • Robinson A. H. et al.; Multiscale characterisation of chimneys/pipes: Fluid escape structures within sedimentary basins; International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control; Volume 106, March 2021, 103245
  • van der Molen J., Peters E., Jedari-Eyvazi F., and van Gessel S. F., “Dual hydrocarbon–geothermal energy exploitation: potential synergy between the production of natural gas and warm water from the subsurface,” Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, vol. 98, 2019.
  • Haffinger P., Jedari-Eyvazi F., Doulgeris P., Steeghs Ph., Gisolf D. and Verschuur E.; Quantitative prediction of injected CO2 at Sleipner using wave-equation based AVO; First Break; Vol 35, No 7, July 2017 pp. 65 – 70
  • Jedari-Eyvazi, F.; Structural Parameters Effect on the Sleipner CO2 Underground Storage Simulation History Match, 2016; Extended Abstract; 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition
  • Jedari-Eyvazi, F., Steeghs, F., Verschuur, E.; Lessons learnt from local FWI applied to the Sleipner seismic data; a feasibility study; 2015; Delphi Dynamic Characterisation and Reservoir Management, Volume XIII, chapter 11
  • Arts, R.; Jedari-Eyvazi, F.; Modelling and Monitoring CO2 Injection at Sleipner; 2011; 73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition – Workshop