Madison East

Hi I’m Madi. I am a 1st year PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My research focuses on understanding the mechanism behind coral calcification, so that we can both improve our understanding of past ocean conditions through paleo-proxies, and our estimates of how corals will fair in the future. My research career so far has been quite varied. I have also studied how subduction zones have changed since the break-up of Pangea, and how enhanced slab flux may have contributed to mantle dynamics. For my honours thesis at the University of Sydney, I used Landscape Evolution Modeling to explore sediment fates across a tropical continental margin, and the role of reef platforms over glacial-inter-glacial cycles. There are just too many interesting things to learn about. I hope that wherever my focus moves, it will be contributing to keeping the natural world as beautiful and brilliant as it already is.

For more details on my work, feel free to visit my ResearchGate profile.

Conceptual figure generated for the following publication: East, M., Müller, R.D., Williams, S., Zahirovic, S. and Heine, C., 2020. Subduction history reveals Cretaceous slab superflux as a possible cause for the mid-Cretaceous plume pulse and superswell events. Gondwana Research79, pp.125-139.