Andrea Sartorius

I am an ecologist, and my primary research interest is how animals survive and adapt within human-modified environments. I am currently working on my PhD project on the One Health effects of trace metal contamination from derelict lead mines in Wales. I have been collecting environmental and animal samples from abandoned mines and surrounding areas and assessing their trace metal concentrations and various health factors to determine the extent and impacts of trace metal contamination. I am a part of the Envision DTP, and based at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham.

Prior to my PhD, I earned an MRes in Biodiversity, Evolution, and Conservation at UCL, where I did one research project mapping museum specimen collection locations, and another camera trapping mammals in North London parks. For my undergraduate degree, I studied biology at Pomona College, a liberal arts university in California, USA, and did a year–long dissertation project studying the impact of fire and invasive flora on native vertebrate assemblages.


Contact email:

Twitter handle: @aisartorius