Elizabeth Siddle

Hi there! I’m Beth, a second year in the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of East Anglia in partnership with AutoNaut Ltd. under the ARIES DTP.

My PhD project: Observing Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions from the Poles to the Tropics with an AutoNaut Uncrewed Surface Vessel

This involves using a 5m AutoNaut surface vessel alongside a Seaglider, to measure physical variables at the air-sea interface and using these to compute air-sea heat and momentum fluxes. Hopefully this work will feed into providing accessible near surface observations to improve climate models!

I spent 2 months out on fieldwork from January to March 2021, as part of the Eurec4a campaign to investigate the couplings between clouds, climate and circulation. Find out more here: Releasing Robots

I’m really passionate about science communication and outreach. I worked with Jack Mustafa on an Oceanography video for Norwich Science festival 2020, for which we were nominated for an UEA engagement award. I also love to work on digital art and infographics for science communication – I’ve included a drawing of our AutoNaut surface vessel on this page.

I am also on the editorial team for the EGU Ocean Sciences blog. We are always keen to find guest bloggers. If you work in any area of Ocean sciences and are interested, please get in touch!

Where to find me:

Email: E.Siddle@uea.ac.uk

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2431-8107

Twitter: @ElizabethSiddle